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Covered Plants


  1. Wilson Fellowship for Research in Latin America: Texas State University (2019)

  2. Georgia Department of Transportation Grant (2016 – 2019): Roadside bioenergy crop (sunflower, switchgrass, big bluestem grass) production (Co-PI).

  3. Southern Company/Georgia Power Grant (2017 – 2018): Hydroponic vegetable production (PI).

  4. Sustainability Grant (2015 – 2016) Georgia Southern: Hydroponics vs. aquaponics  (PI).

  5. COUR Grant (2015 – 2016) Georgia Southern: Hydroponic lettuce production (PI).

  6. Georgia Department of Natural Resources Grant (2012 – 2015): Conservation management of endangered herb, Baptisia arachnifera (Co-PI).

  7. Sustainability Grant (2014 – 2015) Georgia Southern: Assessment of water quality and soil carbon sequestration to ensure environmental quality at GSU campus (Co-PI).

  8. Faculty Development Committee Professional Travel Grant (2014 - 2015) Georgia Southern

  9. Faculty Research Grant (2013 – 2014) Georgia Southern: Design and development of a farm level biochar-pyrolyzer and its chemical and agricultural product evaluation  (PI).

  10. Georgia Southern-COSM Interdisciplinary Pilot Grant (2012 – 2013): Carbon sequestration and biomass production potentials of switchgrass-pine agroforestry systems (PI).

  11. Georgia Southern Service-Learning Grant for agriculture knowledge development (2011).

Selected Publications

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