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Barley Fields

Projects with Students

Bioenergy Garden

The Bioenergy Garden, a consortium of bioenergy producing plants from the southeast US, was a timely initiative by the Georgia Southern university supported by the College of Science & Mathematics. Students from the 'Biology of Plants' class developed the garden as part of the class project.  The garden portrayed over 15 leading biofuel feedstock species.   

Statesboro Herald.jpg

After-School Garden Program 

Students from the Sustainable Forestry and Agroecology class participate at the 'Garden Club', where they helped school children learn about planting and growing of vegetables. This was an initiative by the GSU Center for Sustainability in partnership with local elementary schools. This project raised awareness about plants, gardening and sustainability.  


Arbor Day

Dr. Saha collaborated with the Georgia Southern Physical Plant (Landscaping) and the Center for Sustainability and together they initiated the celebration of campus Arbor Day. Hundreds of tree seedlings are planted on campus every year by the students, staff, faculty and administrators. This is a great way to engage the students in service-learning, involve the university community, greening the campus, and celebrate sustainability. 


Arbor Day_GSU Media.jpg

Raising Awareness

Students from Dr. Saha's Agroecology, Sustainable Forestry, and Biology of Plants class(es) participated in raising awareness about sustainability by presenting posters at different community events such as No Impact Week, Downton and Campus Farmers' Market, GreenFest etc. This is a great way to engage both the students and the community, while bringing diversity in student learning and promoting sustainable practices. 

Student Poster 1_Downtown Farmers Market
No Impact Week Presentation 6.jpg
No Impact Week Presentation 8.jpg
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